Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mullet Toss

I so can't figure out how to rotate this freakin picture...

Just doing a little studying...

This was the view from our condo

Me and Ray

Just a little bit of my food from the crawfish boil, it was so good especially cause they had a
Lousiana guy making the crawfish, gotta love those cajons.

This was before they boiled the poor guy, and you can see the cooker in the back ground.

One of the nights me and Ray went out.

All those tents in the far distances is where the Mullet Toss is. There were so many people.

Me and Ray on the beach.

I was so tired. LOL

Me and Ray again on the beach.

This was Sunday night/Monday morning at the Flora-Bama. And no Jeremy
is not grabbing my boobies, my mom freaked out when she saw this picture.

This was showing the time, it was just pasted 1am monday morning, and we did not
leave until like 2:15am.
Yeah, so this was the Mullet Toss. The only picture that I got of people throwing the mullet (fish) was not all that clear, so likewise, I did not post it. But yeah, you get the point. It was nothing but a redneck party, from thursday till monday, and we all had a blast. We went last year but this year was by far the funnest that we have had. Well I guess this all the blogging I can handle for one day. I will be in Sandy from the 20th till the 27th of may for my brothers wedding. This will also be the first time in 5 years that all of us kids will be together again. I am so excited and yes I will post lots of pictures from that trip. Oh yeah, I had to make yall just a bit more jealous, I am going to be going on a cruise at the end of May (31st) till June 4th to the Bahamas. Yes yes I know, I would be jealous of me too. LOL.


Erin said...

Looks like some serious spring break partying! Glad you had a nice break! Anyplace with beach and ocean is the perfect vacation for me! (even if there are a bunch of rednecks!)
Glad your able to come in town for the brother's wedding. Way to be a good big sis!!!

Debbie said...

So from the blog post title, I totally thought the Mullet Toss was something to do with the hairstyle. LOL I thought it was just people with mullets, tossing their hair or something. Wow, I'm smart.

Speaking of being smart, I'm very proud of you for working so hard last semester. It is extremely hard to go to school full time and work full time too. And you still pulled good grades! I'm very impressed. You're going to be a great RN!