Sunday, May 10, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!

I had to show off my rocken tan that I got down at the beach, and also my puppies after I gave them a bath. They don't look too cute, but I still love them.

Well despite everyones doubts, I was able to pull off a thing that even honor students have not been able to do in a long while. What I did, and accomplished, was I took all 4 classes offered for this semester of nursing school at once. Most people will either break it up into 2 semesters or more. But I was told that I probably would not be able to do it, and that even honor students struggle passing all of the classes. I think that is what pushed me even more to try it. I took OB, Geriatics, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology, plus the clinicals, all in the same semester. What alot of my other classmates are doing is they are going to take Pharmacology this summer and then will be still be on track with me to graduate this December. But I wanted to have the summer off, and dangit, I just wanted to show them that anything is possible. The other major factor that played into me having a difficult time trying to pass all of these classes at once was the fact that I have to work full time. So this is kind of a run down of how my semester went, Monday 9am-2pm class, Tuesday 9am-3pm class, Wednesday 6am-3pm clinicals, Thursday 6am-3pm clinicals, Thursday 7pm-7am work at the hospital, Friday 7pm-7am work at hospital, Saturday 7pm-7am work at hospital,, then start all over on monday. So needless to say, it has been a very busy semester. And just to toot my horn even louder, I was the only one in my class to do this and pass everything too. Alot of people had to drop one or more of the classes, but I stuck through and it payed off in the end. And the funny thing was, at the end of April they have a party at the beach called the mullet toss, where every one and there dog goes down to the beach from thursday through monday, and it is held on the Alabama/Florida state line. The name "Mullet Toss" comes from the fact that you throw a mullet (fish) over the alabama/florida state line. It is basically a big redneck party. Well to make a long story short (because I will be posting a separate post about this) I had 2 exams that following monday and tuesday. I stayed down there at the beach all the way until 2:30am Monday morning and drove back to montgomery, alabama, got to class at 9am, and still passed the exam with high flying colors. Alot of my classmates were mad at me cause they knew that I had been at the beach all weekend long, whereas they had been cooped up in the house all weekend long studying. Sure I did some studying on the side, but I also enjoyed myself too. But that was just a side note to this whole experience. But anywho. I have just one semester left, fall semester, and then I will be graduating this December from nursing school with my RN.

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