Sunday, October 5, 2008


This is a picture of me in my backyard.You have to have some fun or you'll loose your mind.

Some of my classmates. It was a good group of us and we all worked well together. Another funny one.
I accidentally put 2 of these pictures on here and can't figure out how to take this one off, so here is another picture of me.
This is my clinical group. My instuctor is the white lady in the blue, and the other lady is one of the people that works at the hospital. They are always so happy to see students come, cause we help out alot on the work load.
Well this was my last week of clinicals for this semester of nursing school. I only have 2 more semesters left and I will be done with school and will be a Registered Nurse. Yea. I thought I would post a couple pictures of me in my way gay nurses outfit and of some of the girls that I am in school with. We had a way fun time this past semester in clinicals. Lots of different patients but that keeps things interesting and fun at times, seeing as which for my last week of clinicals, my patient had severe mental problems and decided to scratch me within the first 30 minutes of me taking care of him. And of course this all had to happen the last week that I had clinicals. But whatever, at least it is over with and I will just have 2 more semesters after this one and then I will be done with school and Alabama.


Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly said...

you always have to post some kind of seductive picture don't yah. ha ha ha.

Erin said...

So where to after RN school and Alabama?

Isn't it kind of a rule that you have to have that picture of the "naughty nurse!"

Clinicals don't sound fun at all! I wouldn't want to get scratched by some stranger! Ewwe! Yuck! I'm sure there are worse things you have to see...I think that's why I'm NOT a RN!

Way to go for getting that degree! You are awesome! Only a little bit left now! You're the woman!

Rosie said...

HEEEELLLLLOOOOO Nurse! You look super cute! It was fun to see you at Nicole's reception. I'm glad we found eachother's blogs! Have you heard we're adopting? We'll have our online profile up pretty soon so you can check us out online. So...if you know anyone out in the boonies placing a baby for adoption you can tell them about my great E.T. impressions and maybe they'll want to place their baby with us! (Ouch...Elliot...)