Sunday, October 5, 2008

I think I need some help

I think I failed to mention that I have a total of 4 closets in my house too. These are a couple of pictures of how I have managed to fill them
And another one
And another one
These are all of my shirts, you can see the second row of shirts in the back of the front row.
This is just another view of them
This is the other side of the bed, which shows the clothes that I need to hang up. You can also see some clothes that still have the tags on them, thats kinda sad that I have not been able to wear those clothes yet.
These are all of my skirts and some of my pants. Now keep in mind, that these are the clothes that I didn't already have on hangers, these clothes all came out of bags, and the pictures of the clothes in the closets are the clothes that I just left on the hangers when I was moving.
And this another one of my closets.

Well as you can see from the previous post, that I have been in the middle of moving. Well I thought that I would just try and organize my clothes so that I could acutally see what I all had and to put it in better places so that I could find them easier. Well as I started to unpack, I realize that I could probably wear something new and different everyday for the next year or two. The thing is that I don't just go shopping all the time, I am just a pack rat. I can't seem to give anything away. And when I do go shopping, I don't ever spend or pay full price for clothes. I always shop when there are sales going on. I should take a picture of all the shoes I have too, but I think I need to tackle my clothes situation first and then try and organize my clothes.


Erin said...

Wow! What a move! That's A LOT of clothes! I hope you get to wear each item at least once this year! You could change 3 times a day if you needed to!

So sorry to hear about your Grandmother...I'm sure you loved her like a mom. I hope your doing ok.

Your new place looks so nice! I love the big trees and the comfy hammock!

Your dogs are so sweet. I think I could handle a dog if it were that tiny! Too cute!

I'm glad you're almost done with nursing school. I'm super proud of you for working so hard to get that RN! It's A TON of work. Way to go!

Take care and donate some of those clothes to good will!!! :)

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly said...

SERIOUSLY I'm turning you into TLC (WHAT NOT TO WEAR!!) ha ha ha. You need some HELP! TOO MANY CLOTHES!!!!

Rosie said...

HOLY CRAP GIRL! You need to DI (or probably salvation army out there) like 90% of your wardrobe!!! That's a lot of clothes!