Friday, August 8, 2008

Utah Trip

Me and the boys (Tommy, Jacob and Fred) on top of Snowbird. They are so freakin big and make me look extremely short, even though I am 5'7". But they tower over me now.
Me and Fred sitten out from playing basketball with the boys.
Me and Stephan playing basketball, notice all of the sweat.

Me and Ray at the top of Snowbird. He was so amazed with the mountains. This good old country boy has never been on the other side of the Mississippi and so this trip was an eye opener to the world outside of the south.

Me and the boys just being us.

And the boys getting aggravated with how into myself I can

And for some reason they love doing this to me everytime I come to Utah.

Well this past June, Ray(my boyfriend) and I took a trip to California and then we drove up to Utah to see the family. We had a really good time getting to see everyone and the boys had a good time checking out the new boyfriend and giving their approval of him. Its amazing how all of my brothers are younger than me, yet they have assumed the role of my older brothers in that they are very protective of me. Funny. And I guess that now I am the smallest of them all, I guess they do need to watch out for me now. I still can't believe how big they have all gotten. Even Corrye is taller than me.


Casey and Diana said...

ERIKA!! This is D. When are you leaving! I miss you! Don't be frightened, I got your blog through a comment you left Isa and I was like "could this be the her?!". Holy cow all the boys are freakin huge now I haven't seen them in such a long time. Except Tommy, he seems to frequent my parents house...for Laura. bow chica wow wow. jk. I'm glad to see you're doing good and fyi I will continue to stock your blog. haha.

trevin and isabel said...

oh my your blog is so cute!! i'm glad you found my blog, i havent seen you for ever!! and yeah, its true, i ditto d's bow chica wow wow for laura and tommy! hahaha i love those boys! are you still in utah? and yeah, its weird to me too that i have a baby!! its the best tho!!

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly said...

Cute BLOG!!! Yeah for joining the blogging world!!!!

Casey and Diana said...

oh my Erika I just read about your grandmother. I'm so so so sorry. I don't think Heavenly Father is over confident on you, you're so strong he KNOWS you can do it. It obviously doesn't make it anymore painful but don't despair. I can't imagine why you can't make friends over there we freakin love you here!!! you're such a likable person! Anyway, I hope that seeing the fam gave you a boost. Love ya!