Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update, well kinda.

I know that this picture is old, but that is probably the
most recent, and I am also looking forward to when I can
be out in the summer sun again. Yay.

Well I thought that I would just update you all with the happenings of my so uninteresting life that I am living here in Alabama. Well lets see, where do I start. Ummm, well a couple of weeks ago I got into a verbal altercation(in a trailor park) with a girl that is basically after my man. Well we were all good up until she called me a fat A$$. Thats when all the good up bringing was thrown way out the door. So in a nut shell, I told her where to go and how to go there in a very timely fashion. And even after all of that, her 100 pound sopping wet butt still wanting to "kick my butt". I could have just sat on her and it would have been over with right then and there. Oh and by the way, calling a southern girl "White-trash" is like calling a black person a "Ni&&er". Which truly surprised me cause I just kept calling her it (which she really is, and maybe thats the reason why she hated me calling her that) and that is when Ray (my boyfriend) got into the middle of it and stopped it from getting that far. And then besides all the drama of life as a southern bell, that has pretty much been it for me right now. I am just way busy with school and trying to pass and get it over with. I am currently in my pediatric rotaion and am loving my little kid patients. I am hoping to come out to Utah sometime soon, that is if I could get up and actually work and make some money. Well I hope that yall are all doing good and I hope to see yall soon.


Erin said...

You are too funny! I can't imagine anyone daring to get up in your "grill". I mean duh...you are tough as nails girl! I would never mess with you! I'm sure miss "white trash" got upset because sometimes, the truth just hurts... :)

Anyway, I love your summer pic...I want summer sooo bad too!

Way to go sticking with school! You are going to be an amazing nurse. You rock!!

Chunky Peanut Butter & Jelly said...

Tune in next week...........ha ha ha

Casey and Diana said...

ha ha ha ha that was the best story i've heard in a long time!! you are so funny. I hope she learned her lesson. And yeah i NEED summer NOW!

Katy and Rob Bodily said...

Hi Erica. It was great to see your comment on my blog. I haven't seen you in a long time so it was nice to get updated on your life by reading through your blog. That is awesome you went to nursing school. I think that is a really great career...Did you find my blog through Becky's? I used to look at her blog until she went private. I left her my email but didn't make the cut...ha ha ha. Next time you write on her blog tell her I want in :) Glad we were able to make contact!